Product Name : Lead Nitrate
Molecular Formula: Pb(NO3)2
Relative Molecular Weight: 331.20
Character: white crystalline, relative density 4.53(20℃), easily soluble in water, liquid ammonia, light dissolve in ethyl alcohol, not dissolve in concentrated nitrate acid, solubility 56.5g/100g water (20℃). Dry lead nitrate decompose at 205-223℃. Damp lead nitrate decompose at 100℃, first become Pb(NO<sub>3</sub>)<sub>2</sub> . PbO, go on heating, then become PbO. It is strong oxidant, putting together with organics will lead it burning, noxious.
Usage: Used as medical astringent; tanning material for leather-making; dyeing mordant; photograph promoting agent; flotation for ore; chemical reagents; and also used for making fireworks, match, and other lead salts.
Purity 99% min
Cu 0.005% max
Fe 0.002% max
Water insolubles 0.05% max
HNO3 0.2% max
Moisture 1.5% max
Note We can produce as per user's requirements
Packing: Paking in 25/1000kgs pp bags,palletised and shrinkwrapped on seaworthy pallets.
The above specification is for mining industry.We can also produce higher grade for pigment and ammunitions. If you have speicial requirement in quality,pls donot hesitate to contact us.